Venezuela Petroleum and Politics
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Venezuela Crude Oil, Petroleum and Politics
Because of the continuing political difficulties in OPEC member country Venezuela and the potential impact on oil prices and U.S. crude oil and petroleum product imports WTRG Economics has joined forces with Venezuela's PetroleumWorld to provide up to date information on the Venezuelan political situation, its petroleum industry and the impact on the U.S. and intenational energy markets. Current news and events will be updated daily. 
News, Analysis & Opinion
Post-Election Conflict Likely In Venezuela
Venezuela's middle class feels the squeeze
Analysis: Venezuela deeply divided by vote
Venezuela oil workers threaten strike if talks fail
Hugo Faces His Toughest Test
Opposition rallies in Venezuela
Hundreds of thousands rally to back Venezuelan opposition leader in presidential vote
Two Russian Su-30 jets arrive in Venezuela
GAO-06-668 Energy Security: Issues Related to Potential Reductions in Venezuelan Oil Production (PDF)
Without Chavez or Chavismo Opposition op-ed
US Energy Security: Issues Related to Potential Reductions in Venezuelan Oil Production

Background & Newspapers
Venezuela Country Analysis Brief EIA
Energy Overview of Venezuela DOE
World Factbook - Venezuela CIA
Profile: Hugo Chavez BBC News
Timeline: Venezuela BBC News
Country profile: Venezuela BBC News 
Venezuela (11/03) U.S. Department of State  opposition site
El Univeral (English, Spanish)
The Daily Journal
El National (Spanish)
Yahoo News Venezuela
Google News Venezuela
Venezuela: 59 newspapers and other news sources, Kidon Media-Link: (Mostly Sapanish)
Venezuela Oil Production
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