WTRG Economics Rig Count and Energy Forecasts

Analysis, planning, forecast and data services for energy producers and consumers.
WTRG Economics gathers data from industry, government and proprietary sources to bring the most reliable and current information to bear in addressing the needs of our clients. Using years of experience together with sophisticated economic, statistical and financial analysis tools we are able to assist clients in analyzing their company's condition and in anticipating the direction in which their industry and company is headed. With a comprehensive understanding of the company and the industry, we help clients develop strategies to maximize profits while minimizing risk. WTRG Economics will also assist in implementing those strategies and monitoring performance of the company.

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Planning and Research
WTRG Economics assists producers and consumers of energy in the identification and analysis of energy price risk and its impact on your business. Services range from one time studies or forecasts to the development of a monitoring and modeling system to provide continual updates to your forecasts. 

Data Services
We maintain thousands of series on energy data and can provide your company with the data it needs on a regular basis in a consistent format. WTRG Economics knows energy data and understands its use. We can help you identify and maintain the information that you need for your business decisions.

Seminars and Education
Do your managers understand the overall environment in which they work? How do geopolitical events impact their business?  Why are energy prices an inherently volatile?  Is energy security a major risk for the United States?

Shareholder Relations
For many companies one of the greatest challenges to any company is to explain the impact of oil and gas prices on revenue and earnings. This is of particular importance to oil and gas producers and service companies and manufacturers which serve the upstream segment of the industry.

Litigation Support
We can assist in issues of price, value or economic impact or just provide an independent analysis.

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