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Rig Count News November 24, 2021  U.S. rigs were up 6 for the week. Rigs targeting oil were up 6, gas rigs and unclassified rigs were unchanged.. Canadian rig count increased by 4 rigs. Oil is up 4, gas drilling and unclassified rigs were unchanged. International rig count for March is up 14. Follow the link for detailed tables and graphs.
Oil Futures Price Went Negative Excerpts from our Energy Economist newsletter looking at the first time in history that oil futures closed with a negative price: "I'll pay you $40 per barrel if you take my crude -  April 21, 2020."
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Energy Blog:
Coal, CO2 and Limitations of Energy Policy

Oil Price History and Analysis - 1869 - 2011. This history of oil prices has 152 years of oil prices and the economic and political events that shaped the price: wars, economy, domestic policy, embargoes, OPEC and price controls.
Measures of Petroleum Dependence and Vulnerability in OECD Countries Examines energy security, petroleum dependence, and petroleum vulnerability of the major consuming countries.  Originally published in Middle East Economic Survey
The Coming Energy Crisis? Parallels with earlier energy crises underscore US vulnerability to oil supply shocks today. This summary of our research appeared in the Oil and Gas Journal the first in a series on Global Energy Security. 

Venezuela Once again a nation in crisis, possibly facing civil war with dire implications for oil prices.
OPEC Issues and Analysis: Articles written over several years analyzing the decisions faced by the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries.
National Energy Policy - The report to the President.
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Crude Oil, Gasoline and Natural Gas Futures Prices

NYMEX Prices for December 6, 2021
NYMEX Light Sweet Crude
ICE Brent +3.20
RBOB Gasoline NY Harbor
Heating Oil NY Harbor
NYMEX Natural Gas
-0.475 $3.657
Links to Oil, Gas, Energy Prices, News & Issues:
Natural gas markets to see very volatile 2022
Oil rises on easing Omicron fears and Iran delay
Halliburton sees world headed for oil scarcity amid spending cut
OPEC+ Sticks to Planned Supply Hike With Added Escape Clause
OPEC to proceed with plans to increase January oil output
Iraq throws wrench into Opec secretary-general vote
OPEC to debate secretary general reshuffle as group confronts critics
OPEC expected to take cautious approach to oil demand at December meeting
OPEC postpones technical meetings to evaluate Omicron impact -Bloomberg News
Biden sets out oil, gas leasing reform, stops short of ban
Oil crashes more than 10% as new Covid variant strikes fear in global markets
OPEC says SPR releases may worsen coming global oil surplus
Baker Hughes Crude Oil and Natural Gas Rig Count: U.S. +6, Canada +4, and International +1
Markets skeptical as Biden opens spigot on oil reserves
US to release 50 million barrels from SPR in rare price-related drawdown
Oil prices climb as OPEC preps response to upcoming SPR releases
Coordinated SPR release could prompt OPEC+ to withdraw crude output hike
Rystad: Cost inflation to hit US oil and gas supply chain
Biden’s First—and Maybe Last—Gulf Oil Sale Draws Big Bids
Oil Slips as Investors Assess Potential Benefit of SPR Release
Oil drops on oversupply warnings, rising COVID-19 cases
Saudis, UAE signal OPEC+ will resist U.S. calls for more oil
Why tapping the SPR is one of many ‘bad’ options to ease gasoline prices
Oil Rises as Biden Faces Mounting Pressure to Rein in Prices
Oil Ekes Out Minimal Gains As Traders Await U.S. Response To Inflation - Ship & Bunker
OIL FUTURES: Crude prices slide amid stronger US dollar, concerns of possible SPR release
Biden Faces Pleas for Oil Export Ban That Would Upend Markets
COP26: Pressure Mounts for Oil and Gas Phaseout, Eventually
Saudi Aramco warns of shrinking global spare oil production capacity as air travel recovers
Oil demand back to 2019 levels and rising, says world’s largest crude trader
Biden signals defeat in his battle against OPEC oil producers
Texas oil regulator blasts Biden’s pro-OPEC, anti-U.S. energy industry stance
OPEC refuses to step up oil supply hikes and risks bare-knuckle fight with White House
Opec+ JMMC recommends sticking to output policy
Oil prices rise 2% ahead of OPEC+ meeting
Oil prices tumble as U.S. intensifies pressure on OPEC for more crude
Oil slips after API data shows U.S. inventory build-up
BP says global oil demand has passed 100 million barrels per day
Oil falls in choppy trade before U.S. inventories, OPEC+ meeting
OPEC delivered only half its October hike as African output slowed
Oil majors won’t ride to the rescue as world faces energy shortages
U.S. lawmakers pressure oil companies to quit trade group over climate policies
Xi and Putin Leave COP26 Climate Alarmists in the Lurch

Graphs Oil and Natural Gas Prices
Futures Prices Spot Prices
NYMEX Crude Oil Brent & WTI Cushing
Brent Crude Oil Brent / WTI Price Spread
RBOB Gasoline WTI Cushing, Oklahoma
Heating Oil Brent Spot
NYMEX Natural Gas Gasoline - New York Harbor

Heating Oil - New York Harbor

Natural Gas Henry Hub Louisiana
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