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Oil Price History and AnalysisUpdated 1869 - 2011. This history of oil prices has 152 years of oil prices and the economic and political events that shaped the price: wars, economy, domestic policy, embargoes, OPEC and price controls.
Measures of Petroleum Dependence and Vulnerability in OECD Countries Examines energy security, petroleum dependence, and petroleum vulnerability of the major consuming countries.  Originally published in Middle East Economic Survey
The Coming Energy Crisis? Parallels with earlier energy crises underscore US vulnerability to oil supply shocks today. This summary of our research appeared in the Oil and Gas Journal the first in a series on Global Energy Security. 
Rig Counts - (October 10. 2014Short and long term graphs of U.S., Canadian, Foreign and World Rotary Rig Count as well as U.S. Workover Rig Count.
Venezuela Once again a nation in crisis, possibly facing civil war with dire implications for oil prices.
OPEC Issues and Analysis: Articles written over several years analyzing the decisions faced by the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries.
National Energy Policy - The report to the President.
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Crude Oil, Gasoline and Natural Gas Futures Prices

NYMEX Prices for October 30, 2014

NYMEX Light Sweet Crude -1.08
ICE Brent -0.88
RBOB Gasoline NY Harbor -0.0249
Heating Oil NY Harbor -0.0222
NYMEX Natural Gas +0.039
Graphs: Oil & Gas Spot and Futures prices
Oil, Gas, Energy Prices, News & Issues:
Oil slips on dolllar rate fears after 2-day gain; Brent below $87
Is the US oil boom in trouble?
The imponderables from the oil price slide
Algeria Bucks OPEC Discounts as Crude Goes to Venezuela
Pipeline upgrade to boost Kurdish oil exports
OPEC's Badri sees little output change in 2015, says don't panic on oil drop
Kurdish convoy heads to Syria to take on Islamic State
Islamic State 'kills 30 Sunni tribesmen' in Iraq
US Shale Boom Revives St. Croix Oil Refinery
Islamist militants on verge of capturing Libya's oilfields, Egypt warns
Beijing Zeroes In on Energy Potential of South China Sea
How Bad Are Venezuela's Economic Problems?
Increasing ethanol use has reduced the average energy content of retail motor gasoline
Iran says OPEC meeting unlikely to lower output ceiling
More heavy fighting in Libya's Benghazi, death toll rises to 130
Venezuela halted Citgo sale on low bids, creditor worry
Crude Oil and Natural Gas Exploration - Rotary Rig Count: U.S. +9, Canada +9, International -43
Uphill struggle for new Iraqi defence chief al-Obeidi
Libya has become the latest Isil conquest
ISIS is a game changer for Algeria
Ground offensive against Islamic State months away in Iraq: US
Brent up almost 3 pct, biggest gain since June, on reported Saudi cut
Oil prices: Will the slide hurt the US shale boom?
Saudi Arabia's Risky Oil-Price Play
Venezuela seizes warehouses packed with medical goods, food
Libya's oil to flow despite struggle between rival governments
Libya orders army to advance on capital
Libya OPEC Governor Calls for Output Cut Amid Oil Plunge
Low Oil Prices Hurting U.S. Shale Operations
Repsol Oil Find Advances Angola's Prospects as Exporter
Get Ready for Iraq War IV
Consumed by Islamic State, Iraq's Anbar province a key battleground again
Libya parliament allies with renegade general, struggles to assert authority
Iran Shuns Image as OPEC Hawk While Seeking Sanctions End
Libyan official calls for OPEC cut, other African members less keen
CEO of French oil giant Total killed in plane crash in Russia
Three Years After Gadhafi's Death, Libya Slides Into Civil War As Death Toll Rises In Benghazi
Turkey to let Iraqi Kurds reinforce Kobani as US drops arms to defenders
Iraq MPs approve two key ministers
Slumping price of oil has Iran worried about paying its bills
As prices plunge, the global oil showdown begins
Oil Rigs Slump by Most in Two Months After Prices Slide
Saudi-Kuwait Oilfield Halted Due To “Environmental Issues”
Saudi Arabia Oil Stance Seen Targeting OPEC Output Discipline
General Escalates Libya Attack
Egypt Warplanes Hit Libya Militias, Officials Say
Venezuela Goes From Bad to Worse as Oil Prices Plummets

Graphs Oil and Natural Gas Prices
Futures Prices Spot Prices
NYMEX Crude Oil WTI Cushing, Oklahoma
Brent Crude Oil Brent Spot
RBOB Gasoline Gasoline - New York Harbor
Heating Oil Heating Oil - New York Harbor
NYMEX Natural Gas Natural Gas Henry Hub Louisiana
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